What is the shelf life of Hunter’s Reserve Products?

  • We use a ‘best by’ date that is not an expiration date.
  • Sticks and Jerky
    • 12 months
  • Summer Sausages
    • 15 months
  • Cheese Bars
    • 12 months
  • Hunter’s Reserve runs numerous small batches of each product throughout the year ensuring product freshness.

What makes Hunter’s Reserve products “Premium”?

  • We use high quality cuts of Wild Game meat in our sticks, jerky and summer sausage
  • We use only all-natural ingredients and we don’t use any fillers (corn, soy, etc.) that you find in brands like Jack Links, Slim Jim, etc.
    • No fillers means there is more real meat per ounce in our products vs big box brands
  • We use less seasoning than other brands because we want our customers to taste the different flavors that Wild Game meat offers when compared to beef or pork.
    • Less seasoning equals more meat per ounce and allows the flavors of Wild Game meat to stand out!
  • Our Packaging
    • Displays
      • The Rustic Modern look pulls all of our colors together and looks great in any store
      • We have multiple sizes to fit nearly any space from counter to floor
      • Each display is hand made
    • If space is an issue, each box of sticks and jerky are designed to be able to stand out on their own with no display required! 

Why choose a higher price point Hunter’s Reserve product over a lower price point Jack Links, Slim Jim, etc.?

  • Quality!
    • There are no added nitrites or gluten
    • Hunter’s Reserve products don’t have any fillers (corn, soy, etc.) that you find in big box store brands
      • You won’t feel weighed down after eating our product
      • You can use our Sticks and Jerkies as a protein snack after a workout without ruining the workout
      • No fillers means more real meat per ounce vs big box brands
    • Made in America
    • All-natural ingredients
    • Minimally processed
  • Flavor!
    • Because we use fewer pounds of seasoning, our customers can taste the unique flavors that each Wild Game meat offers
  • Support a Woman Owned, Family Run Business!
  • It’s a premium product
    • Premium Packaging
    • Made in small batches
    • Premium Wood Displays 

Where is it made?

  • Hunter’s Reserve is made in the heart of the USA
  • Hunter’s Reserve is located in Plymouth, Minnesota, a northwest suburb of Minneapolis.

Where is the meat from?

  • Each species is farm raised and free range
  • Our meats come from the US, with the exception of our Elk and Venison
    • The Elk and Venison come from New Zealand because it is an island that has never been exposed to Chronic Wasting Disease making the product safer to use

What is in the Roadkill® flavor and why should I try it?

  • It’s a blend of meats!
    • Meat Sticks - Elk, Venison, Duck and Rabbit
    • Jerky - Elk, Venison, Duck and Rabbit
    • Summer Sausage - Venison, Elk, Wild Boar, Pheasant and Rabbit
  • Everyone has a reaction to the name itself
    • They either see it and think, “I have to try it!” or they see it and think, “There’s no way I could eat that but I know this person will get a kick out of it!”
  • It’s a top selling flavor!
    • You won’t taste each meat individually but they blend together in a way that results in a fantastic flavor.

What is in the Jackalope® flavor and why should I try it?

  • It’s a blend of Venison, Antelope and Rabbit
  • If you are in a state where Jackalope lore is well known, the Jackalope® flavor excels!
    • Ex. – Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas, Utah, etc.

What is your wholesale minimum order?

  • Our minimum order is only $100
    • We’re confident that if we can get our foot in the door we will succeed and grow together!